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car dealer transport service

DAS, powered by CarsArrive, provides a variety of car transport services for a complete range of vehicles. These services can be customized based on your budget and preferences.

Scheduled Pickup and Delivery – DAS is car dealer transport service unique in that we offer the convenience of a specific pickup date, which you can specify. We also call ahead to scheduled the delivery of your vehicle.

Open Transport – This is our most economical service. Your vehicle will ship on an open-air car transport truck – the same kind of truck that many automobile manufacturers use to deliver new cars to dealerships.

Door-to-Door Service – Utilizing the CarsArrive network of service centers, DAS will pickup and deliver your vehicle at your specified locations (could be your residence, office, or any other location). The pickup and delivery is typically performed by a flatbed truck but in some instances could be performed by our larger car transport truck. Our competitors may advertise door-to-door service but may not be able to truly provide you this service – How our Door-to-Door Service is Different.

Terminal-to-Terminal Service –This is our most affordable service. You will drop-off your vehicle at the nearest CarsArrive service center and pickup your vehicle at service cneter nearest to your destination.

When you ship your car, be sure you are protected. Ask the following questions when selecting an auto shipper:

What happens if damage occurs to my vehicle during shipping?
What is the company’s claims process?
Who takes responsibility for damage?

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